April 28, 2016

New Article Online

As of now, the latest publication of the Prevention Network, „Stability of Self-Reported Arousal to Sexual Fantasies Involving Children in a Clinical Sample of Pedophiles and Hebephiles“ is open online to the public. The present study examined self-reported arousal to sexual fantasies involving children in a clinical sample of pedo-/hebephiles. more...

April 12, 2016

More than 6.400 people asked for help

6,412 help-seeking people from all over Germany contacted the Prevention Network “Kein Täter werden” (Don’t offend) until the end of March 2016. 2,113 people travelled to one of the sites for diagnosis and advice, 1,182 of them could get an offer to take part in the therapeutic approach. 539 participants have started the therapy, 231 successfully completed and also 231 currently take part in treatment.therapy, 231 successfully completed and 222 currently take part in treatment. more...

January 21, 2016

New outpatient clinic in Bamberg

As of now, a new outpatient clinic opened in Bamberg, Bavaria, as a field office of Regensburg, one site of the German Prevention Network "Kein Täter werden" (Don't offend). It also provides confidential treatment free of charge for people seeking therapeutic help, because they feel sexually attracted to children and adolescents and/or who use child abusive images. more...

October 16, 2015

Guardian reports about Prevention Project Dunkelfeld

Today the British Guardian released an online article about the therapeutic approach in the German Prevention Project Dunkelfeld. It will also be released in the print edition tomorrow. more...

July 22, 2015

New publication from NeMUP-network

The research network NeMUP primarily examines the biological mechanisms underlying pedophilia specifically and sexual offending against children generally. This actual review summarizes recent findings of psychological and neurobiological studies examining pedophilia. In joining findings of neuropsychological and imaging studies, it highlights possible neurodevelopmental factors potentially contributing to the etiology of pedophilia. The given review provides a framework for future research. more...

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