June 17, 2013
Der Arzt

New Spot "Don't Offend"

As of now, the new Social Spot of the Prevention Network "Don't Offend" (Prevention Project Dunkelfeld) is on- and offline available. The Spot is to show that therapeutic treatment of men who feel sexually attracted to children is effective to decrease child sexual abuse. more...

March 27, 2013

Introducing the evaluation of Stop it Now! Europe

Stop it Now! Evaluation Europe has launched its official project website. Stop it Now! is a campaign and helpline aimed at informing and supporting adults concerned about their own or other people's sexual interest in children, to help prevent child sex abuse. more...

February 5, 2013

Prevention Project opens 7th outpatient clinic

As of now, the 7th location of the German Prevention Network Dunkelfeld opened in Stralsund, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The outpatient clinic in Stralsund provides confidential treatment free of charge for individuals, who are concerned about their sexual interest in children and seek professional help. more...

October 19, 2012

Keynote about Prevention Project Dunkelfeld at ATSA Conference in Denver

Today Prof. Klaus M. Beier presented the development and results of the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld at ATSA (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers) Conference in Denver. His presentation discussed how public health services have a real chance of encouraging individuals who admit sexual attraction to minors to seek professional help before any kind of sexual offenses against children are committed. more...

August 31, 2012

Prevention Project at IATSO in Berlin

This year's Conference of “International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders (IATSO)” takes place in Berlin. It deals with the main issue “Sexual Offenders: Essential Therapy – Coercive Therapy”. The conference is held with the strong involvement of the Prevention Project and its members. more...

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Neuer Spot Don't Offend
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