The entire therapy in the Prevention Network "Kein Täter werden" (Meaning: Don’t offend) is confidential and free of charge. The goal of the therapy is to overcome problems in connection with the handling of a sexual preference. Especially important in this regard is the ability to control one’s behavior in such a way that sexual offenses against children are completely avoided.

The therapeutic focal points are orientated toward areas of life that have been identified in research as decisive for the prevention (or recurrence) of sexual offenses. These include, in particular:

• Working on problems of self-esteem
• Strengthening of resources
• Development of future perspectives
• Taking responsibility for one’s own behavior
• Development of social and cognitive abilities necessary to avoid committing sexual offending
• Strengthening of the motivation to be able to control one’s behavior in the long run
• Increasing the ability to control sexual impulses by better coping with emotions and problems
• Recognition and mastery of risky situations
• Improving interpersonal skills (e.g. strengthening the social network; strengthening the capacity for intimacy)

The therapy takes place weekly in a group setting, as well as individually and with the participation of partners or relatives when necessary. The treatment follows a structured therapy plan, yet takes into account the individual needs of and in consultation with the participants. It integrates psychotherapeutic, sexological, medical, and psychological approaches as well as the option of additional pharmaceutical support.

Couples Sessions

It is possible to arrange for couples sessions in order to address any particular relationship distress that may exist in individual cases.


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