Discussion about stability of sexual preferences

There is an ongoing discussion in the scientific community on the understanding of the paraphilias (DSM-5) or disorders of sexual preference (ICD-10). A behaviorist approach conceptualizes the paraphilias as learned behaviors. Another approach sees the paraphilias as one of many possible manifestations of human sexuality. In this view, the roots of the different manifestations are unknown. Any manifestation of human sexuality, however, represents a lifelong stable condition that is irreceptive to categorical changes. The latter view forms the basis for acceptance based therapeutic approaches to the paraphilias.

In the Prevention Network "Kein Täter werden" as well, these approaches are discussed scientifically.

Here you find the mentioned articles:

GrundmannKrupp_et_al (2016)__Stability_in_self_reports
Tozdan_Briken (2016)_Accepting Sexual Interest
Grundmann_Krupp et al (2016)_Lettertoeeditor_Stability


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