Making Contact

A multi-stepped advising and assessment procedure takes place prior to admission for therapy. While respecting patient confidentiality, the potential participant’s questions can be considered, while also collecting information important for diagnosis.

The following steps need to be taken prior to therapy participation:

First Contact

An affected person may contact any of the Prevention Network “Kein Täter werden” sites by telephone and ask their foremost questions directly. At the same time, this gives the network staff the chance of getting a better picture of the situation and making a first assessment of whether the basic requirements for participation in the therapy are fulfilled or not. An affected individual, of course, also has the option of making contact in person or by email. If the basic requirements for participation are fulfilled, an appointment for a first talk – the clinical interview - is made. Family members seeking help also have the option of getting in touch and making an appointment for a consultation.

The Clinical Interview

Following first contact, a prompt appointment is made for a detailed personal interview with a clinically experienced member of staff. The goal of this appointment is to establish the sexual preference and to make a diagnostic classification as well as to clarify individual motivations and needs. The interview should also shed light on the individual’s risk of engaging in actual sexual contact with minors and/or consuming child sexual abuse images.


The first introduction also includes further assessment in the form of questionnaires. These are to be filled out by the prospective participants on their own. The contents of the questionnaires serve the purpose of achieving a more precise assessment as well as of specifying research questions. This is, naturally, also anonymized and subject to patient confidentiality.

Admission to the Therapy Program

The final step is the decision on whether the therapy program is suitable for this particular applicant. The data collected is assessed to determine the suitability in a meeting of staff members, and the prospective participant is then notified about the decision.


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