The media work of the Prevention Network “Kein Täter werden” (Meaning: Don’t offend) pursues the goal of raising awareness concerning their problem in those people who feel sexually drawn to children and/or consume child sexual abuse images (so-called child pornography) on the internet.

Through targeted press and public relations work, people who feel sexual impulses aimed at children should be made aware of the therapies the Prevention Network offers. Under the campaign motto “So that fantasies don’t become offenses!”, they receive the message “You are not at fault for your sexual feelings, but you are responsible for your sexual behavior! There is help available! Don’t offend!”

Through the communications strategy, the message is communicated that no one is to be judged or condemned simply on the basis of their sexual preference, though everyone is responsible for their sexual behavior. This is why the goal is to sensitize both the target group and the broader public to the fact that people with sexual preference disorders can, via proper treatment, learn responsible behavior. Furthermore, the goal is also to inform the public about the topics of pedophilia and hebephilia in order to initiate a more objective, factually based societal discussion.


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