Prerequisites for Participation

Those admitted to the program include people who have not (yet) offended and/or have never consumed child sexual abuse images (so-called child pornography), though fear doing so, as well as people who have already offended and/or have consumed child sexual abuse images, though whose offenses are not known to the legal system. Also admitted are people who have previously been charged with and/or found guilty of relevant offenses and have fully served any sentence they may have received as a result, and fear committing further offenses.

Those willing to participate must be aware of the problematic nature of their sexual impulses directed at children/early adolescents, and need to be self-motivated to engage in therapeutic help of their own accord. The requirements for successful therapy on the part of the participants are, primarily, openness, the bringing in of relevant problems, regular participation and effort as well as the will to not commit any sexual offenses against children and/or consume child sexual abuse images.

The basic framework for the therapy is fixed. It takes place in groups of up to 10 participants. Individual therapy is offered, especially when family members are brought into the process. Group therapy takes place once a week, individual therapy every one to two weeks. All sessions are conducted on an outpatient basis. Inpatient therapy is not possible.


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