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Information for journalists:

We are happy to take care of your enquiries, but would like to ask for your understanding if we are not able to meet all your demands.

This may be due to the following reasons:

  1. Short-term request: In principle, our employees are willing to give interviews. However, due to full schedules we are not always able to meet short-term requests.
  2. Request for a patient interview: We only arrange patient interviews in exceptional cases. The therapeutic success, the therapeutic relationship and the safety of our patients are our highest priorities. Interviews with underage patients are therefore generally ruled out and supervision by a therapist is recommended.
  3. Request to participate in a therapy session: A therapeutic situation is a safe space for patients which must not be affected by external factors.
  4. Request with lack of differentiation between paedophilia and child sexual abuse: We do not contribute to articles that directly relate the approach of "don't offend" to events of child sexual abuse. Although we appreciate the opportunity to discuss our preventive approach, we would like to counteract the equation of paedophilia and child sexual abuse, as not every patient is an offender.

Maximilian von Heyden

International Public Relations


For German language inquiries, please refer to Claudia Falk (


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