Quality Standards

1. Communications and Media

The press and public communications work of the Prevention Network “Kein Täter werden” is consistently carried out with an emphasis on the primary prevention aspect as well as on the confidentiality guaranteed to participants.
The primary goal is the prevention both of sexual offenses against children and of the consumption of child sexual abuse images.
A “cure” for or solution to pedophilia and hebephilia is not presented as a prospect. The external communications do not communicate a moral judgment on sexual fantasies, whilst taking a clear position against sexually abusive behavior.
The collective internet presence www.don’t offend.org is editorially overseen by the Institute for Sexology and Sexual Medicine in Berlin, in close collaboration with the other locations of the Prevention Network.

2. Confidentiality and Anonymity

The entire course of the therapy at all sites is confidential and free of charge. All information and data are – as in every other treatment situation – completely protected by confidentiality, saved in an anonymized form, and evaluated according to high standards of research and quality-assurance.

3. Assessment

At all project sites, there is a consistent basis concerning assessment for purposes of accompanying scientific research and the investigation of inclusion and exclusion criteria. In combination with the ongoing evaluation of the therapy, this is what makes a reliable optimization of the work of the Prevention Network “ possible.

4. Therapeutic Approach

The Prevention Network “Kein Täter werden” pursues common therapy goals under aspects of therapy evaluation. The primary goal is the protection of children via the prevention of both sexual offending and the consumption of child sexual abuse images. The therapy is performed weekly in group settings, as well as individually when indicated. The treatment follows a structured plan, yet accounts for individual needs and is determined in consultation with the participants. When necessary, family members and/or partners are also involved. The therapeutic approach integrates psychotherapy, sexological, medical and psychological approaches and also includes the option of additional pharmaceutical support.

5. Qualifications of the Therapists

The professionals at the project sites entrusted with the assessment and treatment must, in addition to their qualifications to perform psychotherapy, also possess specialized sexological qualifications necessary for this field, gained in specific continuous education courses offered regularly by sexological societies. This qualification includes knowledge and skills in the assessment and therapy of sexual disorders, including sexual preference disorders in particular.


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