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Experience since the launching of the Berlin Prevention Project “Dunkelfeld” in 2005 demonstrates that many people with sexual attractions to children and early adolescents can be motivated to make use of therapeutic support so as to avoid committing sexual offenses against children and/or early adolescents. The same goes for the consumers of child sexual abuse images (so-called child pornography). A cure in the sense of a resolution of the child-related sexual impulses is not possible according to the current state of scientific knowledge. Therefore, the therapeutic objective lies in working on the degree of responsibility taken on in critical situations. The experience of the Prevention Network demonstrates that, through therapy, it is possible for instance to increase the participants’ ability to empathize with and take the perspective of a potential victim, as well as to increase their sexual control and self-efficacy. For those affected, the therapy leads to an improved quality of life and allows them to responsibly deal with their sexual preference, thus effecting a psychological stabilization. Additionally, it is possible to dramatically reduce attitudes and patterns of behavior that make offending more likely, sometimes with pharmaceutical support, thus preventing sexual offending and the consumption of child sexual abuse images.

We here provide publications from the network. Wherever possible, full texts are made available. However, due to copyright restrictions, some of the texts are only available through the publishers website. Abstracts are usually free. For further inquiry please refer to

Encouraging self-identified pedophiles and hebephiles to seek professional help: First results of the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD), Berlin 2009
Can pedophiles be reached for primary prevention of child sexual abuse? First results of the Berlin Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD), Berlin 2009
Predictors of Child Pornography Offenses and Child Sexual Abuse in a Community Sample of Pedophiles and Hebephiles, Berlin 2010
Undetected and detected child sexual abuse and child pornography offenders, Berlin 2012
Androgen deprivation therapy of selfidentifying, help-seeking pedophiles in the Dunkelfeld, Berlin 2012
Hebephilia as a sexual disorder, Berlin 2015
The German Dunkelfeld Project: A Pilot Study to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and the Use of Child Abusive Images, Berlin 2014
The Earlier, the Worse? Age of Onset of Sexual Interest in Children, Hamburg 2015
The Association of Sexual Preference and Dynamic Risk Factors with Undetected Child Pornography Offending, Berlin 2016
Stability of Self-Reported Arousal to Sexual Fantasies Involving Children in a Clinical Sample of Pedophiles and Hebephiles, Berlin 2016
Misuse of Child Sexual Abuse Images: Treatment Course of a Self-identified Pedophilic Pastor, Berlin 2017


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