The Gap

Societal efforts are nearly exclusively aimed at legal punishment of and at therapies for people who have already been convicted of sexual offenses. As these acts are known to the legal system, they are described as being in the light field.

Previous efforts aimed at the prevention of sexual offending against children have primarily consisted of preventative education campaigns and measures aimed at potential victims (children), education professionals and parents. Scientifically based concepts for preventative therapy options for potential offenders, however, have largely been lacking.

The goal must therefore be the establishment of additional therapeutic preventive measures for people at risk of offending. It is essential that these measures reach into the dark field and have an effect there, before sexual offending takes place. This also applies to the consumption of child sexual abuse images on the internet (so-called child pornography).

This is exactly where the efforts of the Prevention Network apply: Offering those who feel sexually attracted to children or early adolescents and/or have consumed child sexual abuse images and are seeking help because of their sexual preference and/or behaviors an opportunity for free treatment protected by patient confidentiality.


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