The Network

The Prevention Network “Kein Täter Werden” (Meaning: Don’t offend) offers a free and confidential treatment option at all of its sites for people seeking therapeutic help with their sexual preference for children and/or early adolescents. In the context of the therapy, the affected persons receive support so as to prevent sexual offending in the form of both direct contact and indirectly via the consumption or production of child sexual abuse images (so-called child pornography) on the internet.

The project began in Berlin in 2005 and now encompasses several sites all over Germany, with common quality standards guaranteed by the Prevention Network “Kein Täter werden”. The goal is the establishment of a comprehensive, nationwide therapeutic offer.

Those wishing to participate at one of the sites must be self-motivated and well aware of the problematic nature of their sexual impulses directed at children and/or early adolescents and wish to take part in the therapy of their own accord, without any (legal) obligation to do so.


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