Views from the Inside

This is an opportunity to hear from individuals who feel sexually drawn to children and/or early adolescents in their own words. These pages are directed first of all at those who feel similarly, especially those who seek help in achieving a (responsible) way of dealing with their sexual fantasies.

This “project” was created in collaboration with the Berlin agency Dark Horse, sparked by the question of how best to reach those who suffer from their sexual fantasies, or who have fears and/or apprehensions about making contact with the Prevention Network “Kein Täter werden” (Meaning: Don’t offend) .

All of the quotations come from individuals who had either successfully completed a course of therapy within the Prevention Network, or who were ongoingly engaged in therapy at the time of the interview. They speak about their experiences and relay how they are learning or have learned to live with their sexual preference and their fantasies. All personal information – name, age, profession – have been anonymized for publication on this website.

The statements are divided into four blocks, "Desiring Children", "Pre-Therapy", "In Therapy" and "Post-Therapy", and can be accessed under the heading “Views from the Inside”.


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